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Total infection control at your facility is our main priority. 


Our expert teams are trained in JCAHO cleaning standards and our systematic Infection Control Program focuses on surface hygiene and disinfecting high-touch zones.

Your patients, staff and state inspectors all have a different idea as to what a clean building is.


- Patients want to see a dust free environment with well cleaned restrooms.

- Staff and state inspectors see the facility from a more detailed perspective checking under and behind equipment, making sure logs are up to date and that refuse is handled properly. 

While all of these perspectives are important and need to be maintained at a high level, we understand that the most critical aspect to handing over a “CLEAN” facility is to properly kill the environmental pathogens that everyone in your facility comes into contact with everyday.


Our infection control strategies prevent diseases from spreading from unhealthy patients to your staff and others who interact in your buildings.

Our program takes the perspectives of your customers and staff and puts it together with our focus on infection control to provide you with a truly clean facility.

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